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Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:00:29 -0400
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I believe that their proposal uses a loophole in satellite

They are pretending to be a satellite service with ground-
based "fills" but are really a ground-based service where
the satellite is merely a technique to avoid proper regs.

They are proposing some absurd number of 44KW transmitters
all over the country.

It is clearly a frighteningly-corrupted process with no
regard whatsoever for ethics or safety and it needs to be

The company has connections inside the current administration,
if that provides some perspective ...

>> I still want to know how they get those massive land-based
>> transmitters past the EPA ... sure seems like a *dangerous*
>> level of RF at *near-microwave* spectrum blasting through
>> the air.
> I haven't followed this closely ... but is it much different than
> cellphone antennas mounted on the sides or roof of an apartment or
> office building?
> Given enough demand for bandwidth that people will pay for, concerns
> about interference and even safety fall by the wayside.
> Andy


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