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Subject: [RFI] RFI with sound bites
From: "Gary Smith" <Gary@ka1j.com>
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Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2012 00:14:36 -0500
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I'm having a horrific level of QRM which seems to bother 160M and 30M 
the most. My inclination is it's a street light that is causing the 
noise as I often notice it at gray line times. I was working the ARRL 
160M contest and it started up around 11PM local time. It was 
sufficient to ruin any chance of QSOs during the contest so I taped 
it first with a 200Hz filter on CW and you can hear what it sounds 
like to me. no file is more than 400k in size.

Its often a repetitious rhythm of buzz that happens 2-3 times per 
second with occasional dead times of several seconds and then back to 
it again. Sometimes it is persistent for several minutes and then 
back to the buzz-rhythm.

Here is a view of the QTH. My house is the last one, at the end of 
the road & next to the rail line. I am sandwiched between two state 
parks. Other than Amtrak being beside the house and the people on the 
road south of me, there is no other house or signal generation within 
a mile. Mt antennae are wires in trees next to the salt marsh.


Here's #1 with the 200HZ filter during the contest at the bottom of 
the band and then tuned below the ham band for no CW in the 
background for comparison.


Then I recorded the same conditions on LSB with a 4K filter. I did 
the same and dialed below the contest for comparison.


So as often happens, it stops for no known reason. I went outside 
with the AM and got half way down the drive and it stopped. I saw no 
street light flickering. I came back and made a similar tape with 
4KHz LSB and you can hear the difference in what I can hear. I also 
drifted below the band for comparison


Sat at around 7 AM it started and I had to stop calling CQ and quit 
because I couldn't make out anyone who wasn't extremely loud.

Any idea what this sounds like it might be so I can deal with it? 

& thanks!

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