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We chose a 50" LG - LCD w/LED backlight - it is RFI quiet.

Your challenge with any device may be aging components
rather than only the initial performance.

Some plasma's are reportely RFI-quiet while other have been
reported as noisy, even within the same manufacturer, and I
think I have read of variations within the same model line
(manufacturing variations as to quality and specific
components do vary).

If the design of the device places higher stress, due to heat
or start-up spikes, or some other design-flaw, then it may be
fine for months or longer then begin generating noise.

After the warranty expires, of course ...  ;-)

BTW: Are y'all aware that many credit cards automatically
double the manufacturer's warranty on electronics?  I read
that you do must send in the Warranty Card for it to be in

I've read many reports if severe RFI from plasma TVs. It's about time
for us to upgrade form our old NTSC Sony to something better. The
plasma screens seem to be less expensive for a given picture quality,
but I'll not have one near the place if they are common RFI
headaches. If course, it's impossible to find out anything from the
manufacturer's sites, so what says the collective wisdom of this
esteemed group? Are the plasma TVs as bad as ever? Or worse?


Kim N5OP


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