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[RFI] re FW: Low Band Interference Report (non-ham radio reports)

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Subject: [RFI] re FW: Low Band Interference Report (non-ham radio reports)
From: Jeffrey Otterson <otterson_nospam@nhrc.net>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 13:09:27 -0400
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I had terrible RFI from fluorescent light fixtures I purchased at the local
big box.

They all have "commercial" rated ballasts "ACCUPRO AP-RC-432IP-120-1".
 These things suck.  I have two different style of lamps with these
fixtures, 8-foot, 4-tube strips and 4x2 foot suspended ceiling fixtures.

These fixtures all made a racket from 15M and up.  I had to turn off the
lights in the shop and the shack to work any weak signal stuff on 10M and

I significantly ameliorated this by installing Corcom 10VR3 line filters in
power supply wiring to the fixtures.  This took ~20dB of the noise away.  I
can have the lights on now.

I don't know why the "Home" store is selling industrial/commercial light
fixtures to homeowners.

Looking back over the archives, I see I am not the only one complaining
about these ballasts.

Jeff n1kdo
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