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Re: [RFI] Power line RFI and Southern California Edison

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Power line RFI and Southern California Edison
From: David Cole <dave@nk7z.net>
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Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 19:35:38 -0700
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The first thing you should do is to start a log of all contact, who you
spoke with, what was said, what they said they would do, etc...  

Be kind, always be a decent person to them...  This leaves you in the
drivers seat, as well as being the right thing to do...

After you have a log, you can start referring to it in your calls to
them...  If all fails you can submit your log to the FCC, and they will
contact the utility...  Try everything before you call the FCC though...
That should be your last resort.

I have an article I am putting together on tracking RFI down, it is
located at: 

It has a link to Part II.  Part III is under construction at this

Thanks and 73's,
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for MixW support see;
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for MM-SSTV see:

On Sun, 2014-07-20 at 18:08 -0700, Dana Roode wrote:
> Hello,
> Its been awhile since I reported my power line noise out at my station near
> Victorville, Ca.  We are served by Southern California Edison (SCE); I
> reported issues back in 2007/8 and they had come out to look for problems
> some of which they found and fixed.  The noise has gotten worse since then
> but I've been busy and didn't report it again until a few weeks ago.  They
> didn't act too concerned, seemed like radio interference was a very low
> priority to them.  Since I've tracked down some of the noise myself I told
> the dispatcher I had information to share if the engineers could call me.
>  No calls.
> At any rate, I'll have to call again.
> I am writing to see if anyone has recent experience working with SCE on
> power line noise and has any suggestions on how to get their help.  Years
> ago they had an engineer named Larry Johnson who worked for them; he was
> pretty helpful.  He may be gone.
>   Dana
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