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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 18:31:14 +0000
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The marijuana growers are very concerned that their operation emits a clearly 
identifiable noise signature. During the growing season, they use a 16 hour on 
cycle, changing to 12 hours as the crop is nearly ripe.  This not only gives a 
good indication of what they are growing, but also tells people when it is 
ready for harvest. 

Growers in some states are concerned about law enforcement, but most are more 
concerned about theft. A large growing operation can have a valuable crop in 
the home of the grower and there are people who would steal it and not care if 
anyone gets hurt in the process. Growers that rent a home are also concerned 
that a landlord may not appreciate the ad hoc modifications to the home's 
electrical system and the very high humidity in the house.  I saw a Holmes on 
Homes show that documented extensive damage and mold in a grow house.


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> From: Jim Smith <jimsmith@shaw.ca>

> Hmm... If you're in an illegal state would there be any benefit/risk 
> in simply reporting your suspicions to the DEA along with 
> documentation linking grow op lighting to RFI and your current RFI 
> environment?

I think that would be opening a can of worms you would rather keep closed.

Not to condone breaking any laws, but I would much rather have someone in the 
house next door minding his own business and growing a little weed for his own 
consumption using a clean grow light, than someone growing flowers for his 
church altar using a noisy one. Besides, I don't want to start hearing of 
people having their doors busted down in SWAT raids because they had a crappy 
plasma TV or the wrong brand of grow lights illuminating their garden 
seedlings. And you certainly don't want to do anything to invite retaliation 
from people involved in a criminal enterprise. RFI is best left to the FCC if a 
government agency is to be involved.

But it wouldn't hurt to spread the word as far and as wide as we can via the 
mainstream media as well as through speciality publications like High Times, 
that RFI can be serious with many of the grow lights presently in use, and that 
this radiation can easily be pinpointed from a considerable distance away by 
anyone with a portable receiver including government agents, FCC and otherwise. 
Most of the people causing this particular RFI problem are likely to be a 
little paranoid to begin with, which we might as well exploit to the fullest 
while we can.

And as Ed said, the AM broadcast frequencies are close enough to the lower 
frequency ham bands that passing RFI to 160m or 80m as interference to the AM 
broadcast band wouldn't be stretching the imagination very far. Likewise, 
"broadcast reception" could include listening to the 19m short wave band to 
pick up the BBC World Service (IMO a more reliable unbiased news service that 
most local media), which is close enough to cover 20m interference, and so on.  
Our local power company is very good about fixing noise problems if I pinpoint 
the exact source myself and report it to the right people, but they are not so 
good at tracking it down themselves. 

I have sensed a faint chuckle from power company personnel in the past when I 
reported line noise problems and mentioned "ham radio" in the conversation, so 
I always pass it off as causing interference to my broadcast reception since 
they seem to take BCI claims far more seriously. Perhaps this is a spin-off 
from the days of the CB boom, and like it or not, the majority of the public 
to-day wouldn't know the difference between amateur radio and CB nor even care. 
TV, movies and other entertainment media have left the public with an image of 
CB as something laughable, not to be taken seriously. Maybe not all power 
companies are like mine; YMMV.

Don, k4kyv
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