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Subject: Re: [RFI] Cree LED Light Bulb
From: Peter Laws <plaws0@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 16:44:05 -0500
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On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 4:13 PM, Joe Mesh <jm@drsmesh.com> wrote:

> The problem with CFLs (beyond being ugly!) is that they make heat and they
> do not have the very significant ROI of the LED lamps.    CFL life is also
> dramatically shorter.    I just replaced 224 FL40s, 35 PAR30s, 12 PAR20s and
> 12 MR16s all with LEDs.    CFL current savings is ~30% whereas the LED
> savings is ~80%.    These LEDs are all cool to the touch including the
> bases.    This means added savings with reduced HVAC load.

It's interesting to see folks here hating on the CFLs.  :-)

We replaced the space heaters (with incidental light) c.2000 and have
had maybe 3 or 4 premature CFL failures since that time.  Some were
base-up, which is often an issue as noted, and some weren't but we've
still got several that are base-up and they don't seem to mind
working.  When we moved in 2006, we left all the bulbs in place at the
old house and put new ones in all the sockets here.

I fully intend to begin the switch to LEDs ... just as soon as the
CFLs begin to fail ...

Oh!  We did have one failure in the garage.  We had a big honkin' CFL
... dunno how many Lumens but the thing was nearly the size of a can
of Coke.  Apparently, if you hit it with a ladder, it will fall off
and smash on the ground.  So there, at least one failed.

And no, I didn't have the Haz Mat Squad sweep it up.  I get more
mercury from breathing exhaust from coal plants than I ever will from
a busted CFL.  Besides, who *didn't* play with the mercury from a
broken thermometer when they were a kid??

Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!
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