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[RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)

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Subject: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)
From: "Mike Smith VE9AA" <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca>
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 15:43:06 -0300
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Hello from NB.


Recently a neighbour moved in so now my 2ac. lot has an electric fence
nearby-ish.  Up until now it hasn't been too bad. I am surrounded by hay
fields and woods.  Recently I noticed the pulses are up to S9 on the lower
bands and detectable up past 6m.  Wait, it gets much worse.

His fence is currently some 1000' away, but just the past week he's been
installing new posts and his electric fence will be some 20-30' away from
most of my antennas very soon. ARGH ! So much for living in the country.


I can only fathom that the pulses will be off the charts soon so I am
researching now to get a jump on the impending doom.  The NB handles them
"ok" now, but I can't really run the 'blanker in a contest environment.


Are there any proven good electric fence controllers out there? (keeping in
mind I am in Canada).  His house, yard, fencing etc. is all only ~1 yr old,
but I am not sure of the electric fence controller is new as well.  I
haven't laid eyes on what it is I will be battling.


When he was putting in new fence posts 2 days ago I did mention about past
RFI I had some years ago from another fence and he seems likely to be able
to work with me a little if the noise gets worse, so thankfully, I have that
going for me.


Still, if I knew 100% of a $100+ controller I could get and simply swap in
what he has now, I'd do it.


He's going to be controlling 6-12 acres and keeping in Clydesdale type
horses (the biggies)


Mike VE9AA


Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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