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Re: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)

Subject: Re: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)
From: "Mike Smith VE9AA" <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 20:22:28 -0300
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One further question.  The QRM pulses have got louder but I can't confirm
whether the new section of fencing adjacent to my land is on line or not. I
think perhaps it's an intermediate section but not the section closest to my
 I tried touching it with the back of my hand (gingerly!) but was wearing
sneakers, standing on thick grass and nothing, nada, zip, zilch, not a
tingle.  I tried putting an AM radio up there and can hear it, but it's no
louder 10' away than it is 1" away from the wire-rope.

My question is: Do the large, white, rope-type wires of electric fences
"FLOAT" in the insulators?

My neighbour put the rope down through the split in a large plastic coated
eyebolt type of insulator, but then proceeded to put a wrap and a half
VERRRRY tightly around what I would call the shank of the plastic coated
eyebolt making it so the wire was maybe 3/8ths-1/2" away from the new cedar
post he was mounting the ropes on. The shank has little platters/Frisbees on
it, much like a dipole egg insulator.  Whether he thought it, or someone
told him, I envision he just thought they were to hold rope.  The rope is
really close to new 4' cedar posts now.  I think a toddler would be able to
do a Nick Wallenda across these 6 acres of ropes.

I thought rope type 'floated'?  I don't wish to pee off my neighbour by
challenging his install methods as I know sometimes you only get one crack
(two at the most) before neighbours run out of patience and send you on your
way and never allow you back on their land.

I thought perhaps if I could somehow 'prove' to him his fence was arcing or
otherwise not providing much voltage (losing it all through the very close
cedar posts and tall grass) my word would be worth more and I would actually
be HELPING him keep his expensive Clydesdales in.  Help him...help me.  I am
thinking of buying one of those multi-voltage HV fence testers and seeing
how much the voltage spikes were.  IE: If it showed 100v or 1000v, I could
then demonstrate he's way way below what would keep these giant horses in
and would then perhaps listen to my other suggestions.

Words of sage advice?

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey
Keswick Ridge, NB

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Thanks Dale !  Good advice.  I think even though I can hear a bit now, I am
going to wait and see what it's like when it (the new part of the fence)
gets really close to me.  Maybe I'll luck out in that when he enlarges the
fencing area fo the first time, a (bad) corner gets repaired or a bunch of
weeds grass gets cut or eaten by the horses. (I won't bet on it, but I
suppose it could happen).

I don't think now is the time to go crying fowl.....In fact, I only just met
the guy, even though he's only perhaps 1000' from me, it's down over a
ravine and through the woods from my property and on a different road.

Seems like a nice enough guy and he nodded and whatnot when I told him about
some fence QRM I had years ago.

Wait and see for now I guess. Gather info....I just downloaded the ARRL
stuff....(better to respond than react)  Maybe since the grass growth has
really only taken off in the past ~3weeks that's why I am all of a sudden
started to hear it?  I haven't really had my HF radio on here the shack in
well over a month.

Mike VE9AA
Mike, Coreen & Corey
Keswick Ridge, NB

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)

I remember back in my youth in a small Wisconsin farming town electric
fences RF was measured not in hundreds of feet, but in miles.  They radiate
RF for a long way.

Make sure your neighbor has that fence controller grounded.  Also make sure
he checks for shorts along the fence or better yet go along and *help*.  

We used to hold a blade of grass on the fence and get a buzz (shock), we
thought it was fun.  Crazy kids.

Good luck and I hope you can get it resolved.  Best to try and remain
friendly with your neighbor and work it out on a neighborly bases.  

Dale, K9VUJ

On 05, Jul 2015, at 13:43, Mike Smith VE9AA <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:

Hello from NB.

Recently a neighbour moved in so now my 2ac. lot has an electric fence
nearby-ish.  Up until now it hasn't been too bad. I am surrounded by hay
fields and woods.  Recently I noticed the pulses are up to S9 on the lower
bands and detectable up past 6m.  Wait, it gets much worse.

His fence is currently some 1000' away, but just the past week he's been
installing new posts and his electric fence will be some 20-30' away from
most of my antennas very soon. ARGH ! So much for living in the country.

I can only fathom that the pulses will be off the charts soon so I am
researching now to get a jump on the impending doom.  The NB handles them
"ok" now, but I can't really run the 'blanker in a contest environment.

Are there any proven good electric fence controllers out there? (keeping in
mind I am in Canada).  His house, yard, fencing etc. is all only ~1 yr old,
but I am not sure of the electric fence controller is new as well.  I
haven't laid eyes on what it is I will be battling.

When he was putting in new fence posts 2 days ago I did mention about past
RFI I had some years ago from another fence and he seems likely to be able
to work with me a little if the noise gets worse, so thankfully, I have that
going for me.

Still, if I knew 100% of a $100+ controller I could get and simply swap in
what he has now, I'd do it.

He's going to be controlling 6-12 acres and keeping in Clydesdale type
horses (the biggies)

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB

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