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Re: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)

To: "Mike Smith VE9AA" <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca>
Subject: Re: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)
From: dalej <dj2001x@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 17:00:12 -0500
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If it were me I'd take my vhf AM receiver (aircraft band) along and walk the 
fence.  They have those so called weed burners etc but the problem is the weeds 
still stick to the fence.  Arcing to ground though a weed or a small wet twig, 
even a bad insulator, your VHF radio in AM mode will hear it. 

Take a walk with your radio and see and hear what you can.  You might be able 
to clear this up without even the owner knowing.  By your report, I feel he's 
losing effectiveness with his fencing and perhaps would be grateful that you 
found a problem with it.  

His Clydesdales could find a freedom if they only knew there was a way, shhhhh 
don't tell anymore than they already know.  :)

Dale, k9vuj

On 21, Jul 2015, at 16:27, "Mike Smith VE9AA" <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:

Hi Gang !

Small update on the issue.

I visited the neighbour today to have a casual chat.  I am trying to make
this important, but not "end of the world" in talks with him.

(even though the QRM is pretty severe on 40-80-160 (s9-20dB/9) and bad on
20-15 (s5-7)...not too bad on 10- 6 - 2 (s1-2)

His unit is showing 10kV, but I touched the far end as it came around 1000'
of feet of rope and barely felt more than a spark.

Touching a doorknob in the winter is worse! 

I tested the fence behind my house and am not even seeing 300V on my meter.
(the lowest light)

He claims to have consulted "an expert in fencing" and was told weeds would
not affect it at all.

The last thing I want to do is get in an argument with this 6'4" 250lb large
fellow, who is actually quite a nice guy, so I didn't press the issue, but I
never really noticed

any REAL noise until the grass and weeds suddenly spurted up here in mid to
late May.  This is NB (VE9) so our growing season is well behind you fellas
south of the border.

Am I crazy, or is all this arcing "probably" taking place to the weeds?  He
has 2 layers of rope fencing.  One at perhaps 18"-24" off the ground,
literally enveloped in weeds and grass and a top layer of rope up 4-5', with
nothing touching it. (I didn't walk the fence yet, but I will maybe next

Second question.  Would an AM radio highlight an area that was sparking or
just be loud regardless? (like if it was sparking to the weeds the whole
1000' for example)

His Clydesdales have figured out the fence is not very hot and have tested
it some. (long story)

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB

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