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[RFI] A "new" RFI

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Subject: [RFI] A "new" RFI
From: "Kenneth G. Gordon" <kgordon2006@frontier.com>
Reply-to: Ken Gordon <kgordon2006@frontier.com>
Date: Tue, 02 May 2017 05:21:34 -0000
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So....I am sitting in front of the rig this evening, minding my own business, 
trying to do a little 
operating on 80, and BAM!!!, suddenly I have a +40 dB over S-9 noise level, 
sounding like 
an AC arc. 

Every once in a while, it suddenly stops completely for a second or two, then 
starts right 
back up again at the same level. Effecting all bands up through 20 meters so 
far. The "off" 
time doesn't even last long enough for the S meter on my FT-890 to drift down 
to normal.

Rats!!!!! :-(

It is too late tonight to do anything about it, but I'll have to start tracking 
it tomorrow...if it is 
still there.

I did turn off all the breakers in our home and it didn't go away.

I am NOT happy!!!

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