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[RFI] LED RFI solved

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Subject: [RFI] LED RFI solved
From: VE6WZ_Steve <ve6wz@shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 12:35:41 -0600
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A church nearby to my QTH decided to install an LED string to the church 
steeple cross.  The RFI was very bad on 160m.
The problem was a very dirty Hanley LED driver switch-mode supply.  Replaced 
with a Mean Well unit and now all is quiet.

I made a YouTube video showing the isolation, testing and solution.  Some of 
these LED drivers are EXTREMELY noisy, but they don't need to be!

https://youtu.be/tvjRwZTNLHs <https://youtu.be/tvjRwZTNLHs>

73, de steve ve6wz
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