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Re: [RFI] Power Line Radiated Interference Limits

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Power Line Radiated Interference Limits
From: Charles Plunk <af4o@twc.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2022 22:41:34 -0500
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Oh, I would try to exhaust all other tactful ways of getting it fixed before pointing out reg's to them. If they worked with you 7-8 years ago then likely they will now. But I understand if you are trying to get prepared "just in case". Knowledge is power they say.

I would be prepared to explain to them why you believe its power line rfi and not another source. Such as a way of identifying the 120hz. There are ways to do this. I usually record the noise and expand it out on a audio manipulation program such as Audacity and count the 120hz spikes. Others do it differently.

And of course, you have shut down your main breaker to your house while powering a receiver on battery to try that first?

After doing those things, hope your power co is large enough to have RFI location gear. Mine is small thus I find the poles myself with my accumulation of various gear, some homemade :-).



On 6/5/22 21:12, Riki, K7NJ wrote:
I've recently become plagued by power line interference that is most
noticeable on 80M and 160M.  In the past,, the local power company had been
cooperative in fixing the source(s) of such interference.  However it's been
about 7 or 8 years since I've been in touch with them about such issues.
Just to be prepared, I would like to know what specific limits there are on
power line emissions (if any).  I know that in the past, the requirements
were very lenient - only requiring power companies to follow good
engineering practice without any quantitative emission limits.  In any case,
having the actual reference paragraph numbers in the FCC rules would be most
helpful. As I recall, this had been somewhere in Part 15. Any help would be

73, Riki K7NJ

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