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[RTTY] W0ETC Excuse for not doing well in BART this Weekend

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Subject: [RTTY] W0ETC Excuse for not doing well in BART this Weekend
From: Larry L Lindblom <llindblom@juno.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 19:34:09 -0600
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For me it is back to one day at a time mode. I was feeling weak Tuesday
so I had a blood test done.   My Hemoglobin was down to 9.7 which is
below the normal range.

This AM I had two units of blood. I then had a Hematology appointment  
At the appointment the doctor confirmed my Leukemia is again active and
that in turn is causing my red blood cells to attempt to destroy each
other.  At first she was insistent that I would need inpatient treatment
and be in the hospital for a week or more.  However after leaving the
exam room and returning she said it might be done outpatient.
The plan for tomorrow - St Pat's Day  (3/17) is not for green beer but
for blood tests and then chemo for 4-5 hours.  From there on it is day by
day with blood tests every day.  If the blood tests reveal any serious
problem I will be admitted to the hospital. Chemo will probably be
repeated once a week for three weeks but that is subject to change based
on my condition. 
Unless the chemo. wipes me out or I land in the hospital, I plan to play
a little in BART  HF this weekend but no where near as seriously as last
year.  Maybe they will add a SOESOF (Single Op Expert Sick Old Fart)
Category for me;-)  

Yup, getting old is heck but at least I'm still vertical.  Maybe when it
comes to antennas horizontal is better, but when it comes to life
vertical is the only way to be.  
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