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[RTTY] ft5xo in rtty

To: <rtty@contesting.com>
Subject: [RTTY] ft5xo in rtty
From: "ON4ADZ" <on4adz@pro.tiscali.be>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 10:19:46 +0100
List-post: <mailto:rtty@contesting.com>

The yesterday spots on 15m in rtty is very doubtfull.
I was on 15m that time and listening, not a beep.
Later in the evening I was trying to break the 20 m ssb pu, but no succes.
Otherwis I would ask about rtty.

This morning (9.00 utc) the operators are on 10 and 12m  in cw and ssb.
The signal on 12 m has deep qsb, I will try to make a qso and ask them about
I keep one ear on 15m rtty.

The operators are running the pile ups very well.  I think we have a good
change to make it in rtty.

I suppose that during the weekend we will hear them in rtty because of the
wpx ssb contest.

I keep you informed of any news.


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