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Re: [RTTY] Rigblaster- worth the money?

To: "Mike Wood" <mike.wood@acsalaska.net>
Subject: Re: [RTTY] Rigblaster- worth the money?
From: Bill Coleman <aa4lr@arrl.net>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 12:16:39 -0400
List-post: <mailto:rtty@contesting.com>
On May 6, 2005, at 11:31 AM, Mike Wood wrote:

> Been looking at the rigblasters and am wondering if they are worth the
> money.  I am currently using a Buxcomm Rascal, but all the features of 
> the
> Rigblaster make it very attractive.
> Was wondering what you all have to say about them?

How handy are you with building electronic projects?

The commercial adapters certainly look nice and have good features -- 
but it really isn't hard to build your own interface. All it takes is a 
couple of audio transformers and maybe an opto-isolator.

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