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To: rtty@contesting.com
From: "Andrei Stchislenok" <asnp3d@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 23:37:25 -0500
List-post: <mailto:rtty@contesting.com>
           ARRLRTTY Score Summary Sheet

      Start Date : 2008-01-05

   Callsign Used : NP3D/W1
     Operator(s) : NP3D/W1

            Band : ALL
           Power : HIGH
            Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : MA
      Gridsquare : FN32

            Name : Andrei Stchislenok
         Address : 14 Eldorado Boulevard
  City/State/Zip : Plainview, NY 11803
         Country : USA

    ARRL Section : WMA
       Club/Team : Yankee Clipper Contest Club
         Software: N1MM Logger V7.11.0

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Sta   Cty
         3.5     245     245   11    5
           7     346     346    3   19
          14     554     554   43   30
          21     171     171    0    9
          28       1      1    0    0
       Total    1317    1317   57   63

        Score : 158,040
             Rig : K1TTT Super Station

        Antennas : K1TTT Super Station

    Soapbox : I want to thank Dave, K1TTT for letting me use his
Super Station one more time. Propagation was good on all bands, except
10 meters, even 15 meters band was ok.
Two years ago I won WMA Division Plaque relatively easy and hoped to
do it again this year. But, to a nice surprise, I failed, thanks to
Dennis W1UE who worked from W1KM and showed a Super Result! Also Jose
N1BAA did a great job. We were going head to head with Jose within
most of the time, but then Jose turned on his "secret Engine" or
something happened and I was behind on over 230 Q's on the finish.
Congrats, Jose! More battles to come!
I would like that every RTTY Contester used the "Real Time Score
Board" when you can see your and everyone's results and everybody who
participate can view your result in REAL time! This is a great
program, guys, take a look on it. This program keeps you running and
gets you lots of adrenaline.
Thanks to all who answered my calls. This was a great Contest, I love
One thing, I really do not understand (well more then one to be
exact). I do not understand how it is possible to make 1843 Q's using
two 100 watts radios and modest antennas? I asked this question from
myself last year. With such a result even in High power category you
would be in Top Five or higher. Imagine if you are making 1843 Q's
using 100 watts, then how great would be your score if you upgrade
your category and go for High power using 1500 watts? Wow, that
station should be making maybe 5000 or 6000 QSO's. This is time to
upgrade and shake the world with such a great score, I think.

73's Andrei
WAS RTTY #455 (all via LoTW)
DXCC RTTY via LoTW only
Who has what? - World Wide Rating
Please visit: www.k4fo.com/cqrtty/
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