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[RTTY] Top band: 160m in RTTY Contests

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Subject: [RTTY] Top band: 160m in RTTY Contests
From: "Darl Deeds" <ddeeds@thewavz.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 10:27:00 -0500
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It appears that the topic is denigrating a bit. We are hams and as hams we have 
always tried new things. Why not try something on a "new" band and see what 
works. There have been many replies that are way over my head with technology 
and terms and that's ok. Again why not try something once at least. I like 160 
contests and have worked the CQ 160 SSB poorly once a year for years when I 
can. The rest of the 363 days year can be used for all others entertainment and 
being gentlemen. I don't thing that using a band for a mode for a few hours 
makes anyone less gentleman either.  RTTY works on 160, we all know that, 
whether its poorly or good shouldn't stop us from having fun and still being 

Let the flames begin, this is my only comment on this ladder.

Darl   NA8W 
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