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Re: [RTTY] rtty w/ icom pro3

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] rtty w/ icom pro3
From: bill@k4fx.net
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 05:28:55 -0500
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> On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 22:46:08 -0500, "allan1 dejazzd.com"
> <allan1@dejazzd.com>
> wrote:
>>I have been using the rtty (FSK) setting on my pro3 and doing rather
>> well.  Unfortunately, I am limited to the 8 memories and can't really
>> converse with anyone.  I would like to be abe to use my keyboard for
>> conversation and not sjust igs rpts.
>>Any suggestions as the best way to do this?  The pro has a 250hz filter
>> on it which makes it great for receiving!
>>Thanks much
>>73 Allan W2TN
> There are several programs you can use: MMTTY, MixW, Fldige and probably
> others.
> You will need a couple of cables to interface your computer with the rig.
> I use MMTTY myself. There is a great "getting started" website at:
> http://www.aa5au.com/rtty
> You will no doubt have questions and this is the place to ask them.
> I have a Pro3 myself - great rig for RTTY.
> 73, Bill W6WRT''

Allan you are right, transmitting RTTY with the Pro III TX memories alone
is tedious at best ,I think those memories would be better used as quick
send memories in conjunction with MMTTY on a PC, connected to the Pro III.
MMTTY and the 756 Pro III & II work wonderfully together. The site Bill
recommended is full of everything you need to know to connect your rig to
the PC and best of all you don't need a costly rigblaster to do it. For a
couple of dollars and abt 20 minutes you can have excellent RTTY keying
via the com port, and a very flexible PTT system from the same com port.
for 2 NPN's and 2 1Kohm resistors...works as good or better than my
ex-Rigblaster Plus's keying system.
Read the whole site, it's full of great information!

You sure have the right rig to have fun with RTTY!!

Bill K4FX
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