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Re: [RTTY] BARTG 75 RTTY Sprint

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] BARTG 75 RTTY Sprint
From: " pcooper" <pcooper@guernsey.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 10:01:33 -0700
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HI all,

As John GW4SKA is currently busy, I am sending this out to remind you all of 
the BARTG 75Baud Sprint which will take place on Saturday 12 June 2010 from 
2000UTC to 2359UTC.

Full rules can be found at 

For those of you using Writelog, I suggest reading the page put up by Don AA5AU 
at www.rttycontesting.com/75baudrtty/75baudrtty.html

Users of N1MM and other contest software will need to check on how to set 
things up for 75Baud RTTY, as it is all too easy to set the Rx side, but not 
the Tx side.

PLEASE make sure you are receiving AND transmitting at 75Baud, and also PLEASE 
NOTE that although the speed is 75Baud, the shift remains at 170Hz.

Just choose the BARTG Sprint module for your contest software.

Logs must be received by 30th June 2010 to qualify.
LOG SUBMISSION: Logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format by e-mail to: 
The contest name in your log must read BARTG-SPRINT. The correct Cabrillo 
format can be found in the sample log on the BARTG website.
Logs must not include any 599 signal reports.
Any incomplete entries will be classified as check logs.

NOTE: In 2009 about half the entries ignored the above e-mail rules for the 
normal Sprint.
In 2010 you will be disqualified automatically if you do not follow these 
simple rules.

This contest will run during an off-period of the DL-DX Long Distance contest, 
so please try and have a go, it should be fun!

Very best 73, and GL

BARTG Awards Manager
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