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Re: [RTTY] Secret

To: rick darwicki <n6pe@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [RTTY] Secret
From: Phil Sussman <psussman@pactor.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:10:58 -0500
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Now I'm sure that Rick, N6PE, meant this as a sarcastic piece.

Be careful the jest for even now there is an elite group of contesters
who have been attempting to secretly install these rules. Heavens to 
RTTY-leaks ... how did Rick know? Who leaked these secrets?

Seriously, contesting for me is NOT recreation - for some it is an 
obsession. That's why I don't do much, if any, contesting.

Secret: Contesting is an addictive game called: QUEST FOR POINTS.
The object is to win at any cost. Just look at the entry fee.
Rigs, towers, computers, exotic travel, more rigs, more antennas.
Fun? Enjoyment? Nope -- it's high pressure heart attack land.

My opinion.

CU in a rag-chew.

73 de Phil - N8PS


Quoting rick darwicki <n6pe@yahoo.com>:

> Stations sending 559 in contests are usually "check log only" operators.
> These logs are used by the contest sponsors to eliminate logs with errors.
> The results never appear and you are told the log was lost or misplaced. If
> you have more than three miscopied RST entries you are automatically
> eliminated from the following year's contest.
> The checkers also time your macros and apply secret deductions to your score
> if it appears you have an unfair advantage by sending shorter exchanges.
> Other operators monitor running only stations and suggest percent deductions
> to total scores if the station was confusing people with his QRZ vs CQ macro.
> Stations sending "thanks for the contact and good luck in the contest" are be
> awarded extra points.
> There are plans to limit contest software to only "approved" versions. The
> approved software will automatically delete a contact if you ask the sending
> station for a repeat twice in a row and then send a 599.
> Rick, N6PE
> April 1, 2011
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