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Re: [RTTY] Test message - question marks

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Test message - question marks
From: "Jim N7US" <n7us@arrl.net>
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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 20:16:49 -0500
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Both the CQ-Contest and the RTTY reflectors are set up to be in plain text.
If so, at least the mail program that I use, Outlook 2007, lets me specify
the font used to display the plain text emails.  I have Outlook set to
display plain text in a fixed pitch font with a slashed 0, specifically
Andale Mono.

That font isn't included with Windows but can be downloaded from
http://www.k8zt.com/zero.html .

If I selected a proportional font to display columns of plain text they
wouldn't line up.  It's the same with a cluster program; you need to use a
fixed pitch font for the spots to line up in columns.

I believe that if you are seeing the CQ-Contest or the RTTY reflector
postings in a proportional font it's because you told your email program to
use that font to display plain text.

73, Jim N7US

-----Original Message-----

I suspect there will always be the problem of columns not lining up due to
mixed fonts on send and receive. If I send a non-proportional font and
someone prints in in a proportional font or vice versa, misalignment will

The original message from N7WA appears to be in a non-proportional font. 
I am thinking I should probably forward it the same way.

If anyone knows a way around this, please let me know.

73, Bill W6WRT
RTTY List Administrator at contesting.com

On 6/23/2012 3:12 PM, Ed wrote:
> The encoding on this is 7bit ASCII(US-ASCII)
> I'm not sure how all the different email programs can handle this.
> I also do not know what encoding you used to generate the message.
> In thunderbird the question marks were gone, but the alignment was not 
> sorted correctly. In Claws it was perfect, but then the Claws users 
> are a very minority group.
> This could very well be a font issue.
> Ed W3NR

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