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[SD-User] questions on counting scores

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Subject: [SD-User] questions on counting scores
From: "Dieter Klaschka" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:23:10 +0200
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Dear all,
   I did some simple experiments with SD
putting in
6 different calls and checking how the progr. calculates.
I hope I followed all the instructions
...serial recvd-space-pwr number  followed by W without space /or QRO
without W

This is what it scored:
G1A 599 001 3W    counts     10pts
G2A 599 001 QRO                 05
G3A 599 001 2W                    10
G4A/P 599 001 QRO              05
G5A/P 599 001 5W                 15

so far it seems OK
G6A/M 599 001 2W               10 ?????
G7A/M 599 001 5W                10 ????
both should be 15 shouldn't they

Then I had asked a question :
I can not type the @ /at character in the email which is asked for
in the CABRILLO log.

Can someone pse help, perhaps do a simulation with my above calls?

Thanks, Dieter.DL2BQD

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