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[SD-User] RSGB 2nd 1.8 MHz Scoring

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Subject: [SD-User] RSGB 2nd 1.8 MHz Scoring
From: "Phil Catterall" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 01:12:40 -0000
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Hi All 

It looks like SD is scoring different USA call areas as bonus QSOs (3+5) in 
last nights RSGB 1.8 MHz contest. I believe it is only the country that counts 
as a bonus in this one, not the call areas. Can any HFC member pse cfm - I'll 
then rescore the log. I used the RSGB cty. file when loading SD. 

Not sure of my score because of this but I made 185 valid QSOs. UK signals 
seemed well down to me but the USA callers were very welcome indeed. What 
happened to VE ?  None worked Snagged 9N7BCC for a new one on 160m and a bonus. 
Last hour as usual had a much slower rate. 

The keying with SD Win was shaky at first but at around the 30 QSO mark I 
changed the priority to zero and that made it acceptable. 

73 Phil G4OBK
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