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[SD-User] keying V12

Subject: [SD-User] keying V12
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 04:10:25 EST
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Paul, an update to the problem with the keyer not responding outside the  
callsign field. 
 I have just set up a replacement laptop (IBM T23 1.1Ghz win 2000, 256  RAM ) 
and downloaded 12.05. The problem persists that I cannot get F key  keying if 
I move the cursor outside the callsign field. I also note that I  cannot get 
any keying response if I turn Winkey off. 
This suggests that, as you are not getting a mass of complaints,   a) it is 
not a bug in the program and b) it is not specific to a PC set up (I  have now 
tried 3 all with different versions of Windows). Therefore I wonder if  it is 
a quirk introduced by me through Winkey or the way I initiate SD for CW.  For 
the latter I just key in 'calibrate'.
 Either that or there is something bad in the water supply!
Any clues yet?
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