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[SD-User] experience logging the HOT test

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Subject: [SD-User] experience logging the HOT test
From: "Dieter Klaschka" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 12:26:24 +0100
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Good afternoon,
 Just to contribute a bit on practical SD experience:

I used v. 12.05 for the Sunday HOT event.
SD does not support it directly.
HOT  demands  counting from 001 on each band (3.5/7)
so I simply  created two logs HOT0540 and...80 .
(type 11/G)
Since each band  has got its definite time (2hrs) there is no problem.
And since the organizers accept paper logs/email one
can combine the two PRT files. Not even tricky, simply done.

This way SD  d o e s  support  HOT.
And above all it can be handled very quickly during the logging 
That's one of its advantages.

I wished the organizers will use CABRILLO in due time which will  save
time for both sides.

Obviously I made some mistakes  during the manual
logging and editing process,
so the log showed two times nr 004, three times 019 I edited.
e.g. 019 ...  1553 ...DJ3IM...rcvd 5xx023 class A
       019      1553   DJ3IM               "
       019      1553   DJ3IW               "
So which will be counted as the valid one, I even forgot who was the 
right DJ

It's no problem with my 25 qsos on 80 but it might cause problems in a 
longer log.

CABRILLO does not show the the full line to the end (I hope it will be 
calculated though)
but I think this had been already mentioned on the list here earlier 
that it will.
e.g. 001 13:38  40 cw 599 HA5xx 559599011A
PRT file  & TEXT file do show all figures seen above.

There were three Classes(A B C), points depending on them;
it was not difficult to edit points with the PTS command.

My working place is not organised ergonomically  enough:
rig on the right, key and monitor on the very left,
so I had to turn my neck and use the left hand for PC keying...
in the afternoon I took the morse key to the left, sat in front of the 
PC key and "had only a long arm" reaching
 to the rig on the right.
Much better now - less stress and neck ache.
Mind you, shouldn't underestimate these little side effects.

Well, I know some will be smiling now when reading these lines.
Anyway, hope to help some newcomers to SD and our hobby this way
72! Have a good week!

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