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[SD-User] V13.03 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V13.03 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 23:34:46 +0100
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V13.03        29 June 2006

WinKeyer USB:
    This is WinKey Mk2 (WK2) from K1EL - see

    WK2 combines the features of an updated WinKey
    (WK1) together with a free-standing memory
    keyer that needs no external power supply.

    It uses a single USB port to support separate
    keying and PTT outputs for 2R operation.

    SD supports WK2's extra features, including
    2R mode.

    The SIDETONE command toggles WK2's internal
    monitor. It is ignored by WK1.

    WK2 has a large input buffer, and SD again
    plays multiple memories. It cannot do this
    reliably with WK1.

    Esc now stops the keyer instantly, regardless
    of the logging field you're in and any rig
    control settings.

    SD's PTTON and PTTOFF commands, which enable
    and disable PTT, are ignored by WK2 - PTT is
    always asserted when keying occurs.  This 
    will be corrected by a later WK2 firmware

    Variable CW Speed parameters:  #0 has been
    fixed.  It restores WinKey's speed to "normal".
    Reminder: You can temporarily increase keyer
    playback speeds with the parameters #1 to #9
    and decrease them with #-1 to #-9.  These
    may be cascaded, and the speed change is
    cumulative, but it resets to normal when each
    message begins - or with the #0 parameter.

    SD will display more than one page of
    templates (92). Use Page Up/Down to navigate
    between pages.

    Added templates for both sides of the UBA
    Winter Contest.

    Revised templates supplied for the RSGB 21/28
    MHz contest - with support for mixed-mode

    Revised template supplied for the RAC Canada
    Day contest - and scoring corrected for RAC

SDI - IOTA Contest:
    Reference files IOTA.REF and SDIOTA.CTY
    updated with the latest island data.

    Fixed broken code which prevented data entry
    for Belgian provinces.

SD: QSO Rate Window.
    Fixed rate calculations when restarting SD.

Summary Score Windows:
    The first-line QSO totals no longer include
    dupes (if any).

    Now a separate DXCC entity - all .CTY country
    reference files updated.

SD is free from

If you find any new bugs, please send details to  Keep an older version of any
program you download - as insurance.  Some older
versions are available from

Paul EI5DI
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