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Subject: [SD-User] Comments
From: "Carol Richards" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 22:21:59 -0400
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I decided to give SD-log a full blown test in the IARU contest. Everything 
seemed to work fine except:

1. I worked K1AA who gave me zone 8 and the program correctly assigned 1 point. 
After I had logged him, I heard send zone 7. I up-arrowed and made the 
correction to zone 7and hit enter. The point value didn't change! (should have 
been 3 pointer)

2. The cw sounded somewhat choppy and often went into a garbage 
mode....incoherent cw, steady carrier, random dits and dots. I needed to use 
the esc-key to stop it. It got so annoying, I abandoned the cw capability in 
favor of my programmable external keyer.

I made over 1300 qso's so I gave it a real work out. 95% of the program 
performed flawlessly. This is the feed back I have...Any comments?

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