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[SD-User] Questions re SD

Subject: [SD-User] Questions re SD
From: Peter Reed <>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 22:16:53 +0000
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I have used SD in the past but have recently been trying it with a 
Samsung NC20 netbook which I plan to use with Winkey (ordered but hasn't 
arrived yet!).

I have noticed a couple of odd things happening when using the NC20 
which I don't get when using a my desktop PC or an old laptop (running 
Windows 98).

1. If, for example, I am calling CQ by setting SD to CQ mode and hitting 
the Enter key, and while the CQ is in progress if I hit ESC the CQ stops 
as expected. However, if I hit ESC twice, SD locks up and the only way 
out is to close it down (X top right) as it does not respond to any 
keystrokes once these two ESCs have been made.

Similarly, if at any time I hit ESC just once *when there is no need 
to*, eg, I would be about to enter a call in the call field but instead 
hit ESC, SD locks up again.

It seems any unnecessary ESC keystroke immediately locks up SD and it 
has to be restarted to clear the lock up.

2. I find it very difficult to get the sidetone working. I can enter 
SIDETONE and SIDETONE is shown as ON but it rarely actually comes on. 
Then suddenly it will but then suddenly stops. I have not been able to 
determine exactly how it can be started or exactly why it stops.

I wonder if anyone has had similar problems and has a solution or any 
comments, please.

Having said all this, I must say that SD really does seem an excellent 


Peter, G4BVH

Peter Reed

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