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Re: [SD-User] Documentation for template files?

Subject: Re: [SD-User] Documentation for template files?
From: Bert Hyman <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 16:31:57 -0600
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Earlier, I wrote

> Rather than trying to configure SD on the fly, I'd like to create a 
> template file for the Minnesota QSO party next month (rules here: 
> I've tried building one out of parts from other templates, but haven't 
> got it quite right (it wants to log signal reports when the exchange is 
> just name and s/p/c).

Still trying to get this right, I found that with no other changes, if I 
used "NAQP.MLT" as the multiplier file, it worked correctly, but if I 
used my own "MNQP.MLT", it reverted to wanting to send and log signal 
reports. I tried substituting a few other state QSO party MLT files and 
got the same result.

What is it about the MLT file that's causing this effect? Here's what it 
looks like:

#       This is MNQP.MLT -
#       For the MN side of MNQP
AIT = Aitkin
ANO = Anoka
... Minnesota counties
WSH = Washington
YEL = Yellow Medicine
AK  =Alaska
AL  =Alabama
... states
WV  =West Virginia
WY  =Wyoming
AB  =Alberta
BC  =British Columbia
... Canadian provinces & territories
YUK =Yukon

Bert Hyman      W0RSB   St. Paul, MN
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