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[SD-User] Deletions and insertions

Subject: [SD-User] Deletions and insertions
From: HansK <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 22:00:10 +0200
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First - many thanks for SD and your efforts over many years to perfect it.
Some incidents came up in the recent CW contest that in the heat of the 
moment I was unable to sort out:

1. I wanted to insert HQ in a logged contact entry but there seems to be 
no way to do this
even when trying to re-enter the serial.
I am not sure if one looses points if HQ does not appear but I edited it 
in later after the contest.

2. I worked a station who apparently got my call wrong and 20 min later 
contacted me for a QSO
and insisted that it was not a dupe. I complied and my log now shows 
contact #1 with a country bonus
and contact #2 as a dupe but has the correct serial that will tally in a 
log comparison.
Will all this come right in the wash?

3. What to do with an incorrect log entry (my 'enter' trigger finger too 
fast) when it is not the last QSO

Hans ZS6KR

"There is much pleasure in useless knowledge"
  Bertrand Russel

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