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[SD-User] SD 15.56v & K3

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Subject: [SD-User] SD 15.56v & K3
From: "earlval38" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 10:06:39 -0000
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Good Morning all
I only use SD about four or five times per year, not being a true aand avid 
contester; however I have just down loaded the latest version and received my 
key from Paul only to find a problem.

With the 'ports' and 'bps' etc all set up as per my 2009 SD version, the K3 is 
keyed but with out any output as soon as I finish setting SD up. No amount of 
changing the various settings seems to alter any thing, the K3 is keyed. Please 
note I do not use any other type of interface and only use SD for the Logging 
aspect. The K3 being keyed as always via my own key and keyer.

The situation is: Laptop 'com 5' through a USB interface direct to the K3. All 
other programs work ok via this routing. Decided to uninstall the latest SD and 
reinstall my old 2009 every thing is fine with full operation as 
I have had in the past. 
So Help...just what do I need to change in the latest version to get it to run 
as a simple contest logger????
Regards to all
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