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Re: [SD-User] SD 15.56v & K3

Subject: Re: [SD-User] SD 15.56v & K3
From: Mike Harris <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 14:42:30 -0300
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I have just tried launching SD 15.56 and do not have the problem using a 
real RS232 cable between the K3 and the PC.

Email me if you want to compare set-up details.  I can try a USB to 
RS232 converter too if necessary.


Mike VP8NO

On 04/01/2012 07:06, earlval38 wrote:
> Good Morning all
> I only use SD about four or five times per year, not being a true aand avid 
> contester; however I have just down loaded the latest version and received my 
> key from Paul only to find a problem.
> With the 'ports' and 'bps' etc all set up as per my 2009 SD version, the K3 
> is keyed but with out any output as soon as I finish setting SD up. No amount 
> of changing the various settings seems to alter any thing, the K3 is keyed. 
> Please note I do not use any other type of interface and only use SD for the 
> Logging aspect. The K3 being keyed as always via my own key and keyer.
> The situation is: Laptop 'com 5' through a USB interface direct to the K3. 
> All other programs work ok via this routing. Decided to uninstall the latest 
> SD and reinstall my old 2009 every thing is fine with full 
> operation as I have had in the past.
> So Help...just what do I need to change in the latest version to get it to 
> run as a simple contest logger????
> Regards to all
> Vince
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