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[SD-User] SD Updated

Subject: [SD-User] SD Updated
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 14:49:47 +0000
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This is a summary of recent releases.

Please let me know if you would like support for
other contests to be added.

Paul EI5DI


16.11          18th January 2013

LZ Open:
     Fixed (hard-coded) the Cabrillo QSO records.
     This was necessary because, as in RSGB RoPoCo,
     the exchange you send includes part of the
     exchange received in the previous QSO - direct
     mapping from the .ALL file is inadequate.

General-Purpose Template Options:
     Until now, I've provided several options,
     but never really knew which was which.

     There are now three only.  They facilitate
     logging in events for which there is no
     custom template.

     The exchange options are -
     1.  Send a serial only  (apart from RST)
     2.  No serial, but some other fixed information.
     3.  Send a serial plus some other fixed information.

     The corresponding template options are -

     1.  General, Serial
     2.  General, No Serial
     3.  General, Serial +

     Option 1 tracks DXCC countries as multipliers,
     by band and mode (if you use both modes). Mults
     have no other significance as they are not marked
     in Cabrillo QSO records.

     In Option 3, serials and other exchange elements
     are logged in a single, space-separated, field.

V16.10        12th January 2013

DCACCEPT Template Parameter:
    Added to indicate automatic acceptance of any
    district code logged, even if it's not already
    present in the .MLT file.

    This parameter replaces hard-coding for DARC
    contests with DOKs, for Holyland and RDXC
    districts, and for IOTA island references.

CQ and ARRL single-mode contests:
   Separate templates supplied for the CW and SSB
   events.  This is to prevent having to hard-code
   non-standard Cabrillo contest names such as
   ARRL-DX-SSB (I believe Mode should be confined
   to the CATEGORY-MODE: tag), and to keep dumb
   robots and intransigent contest sponsors happy.

V16.09        2nd January 2013

RAEM Contest:
    In contests with the NORST parameter set in
    the template files, SD crashed if nothing was
    entered in the exchange field.  Fixed, thanks

CQMM DX Contest (PY):
    Added to the list of free and unrestricted

V16.08        21st December 2012

RAEM Contest:
    Added support, but not including scoring based
    on coordinates.

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