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"Enter freq. for X1YZ..."

Subject: "Enter freq. for X1YZ..."
From: (Kirk Pickering)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 08:29:40 -0600
I noticed in the recent SS tests that sometimes while in S&P mode,
I would suddenly be at a prompt which said:

        "Enter frequency for <callsign>:"

<callsign> was usually someone I just dupe checked (w/ spacebar or
just hitting enter), and was usually a dupe.  I looked through the 
Alt-H and didn't see it there.  (This is not the "Enter transmit 
frequency (kiloHertz) :" message generated by Alt-N, and I know I
wasn't hitting Alt-N anyway.

My guess is that it has something do do with the band map.  Like
it's not getting the freq from the rig at some point, so it pauses
and asks me to enter it manually.  Is this right?  Are there any
toggles related to this feature?  (Didn't see any in Crtl-J menu.)

On a semi-related note... I either don't know how to use the band
map well, or move too slowly for it to be effective.  Am curious
how to use the band map effectively.  Thanks!

-Kirk  K4RO 

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