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Subject: Corruption
From: (Randy Powell)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 22:22:53 -0800
Several of you have mentioned corruption when you try to receive the ZIPped
upgrades that Tree sends out via email.  I just solved the problem for my
situation.  Running Win95 on a 486/100, access the 'net through NetCom and
had been using a combination NetCruiser/NetScape package that NetCom put
out, that displays NetScape version 2.5 on bootup.  I'd been using the
NetScape browser and email package and I could find no ZIP utility that
would unzip Tree's updates.  I tried WinZip, Norton's SWuzip and MicroHelp
Zip.  All did not recognize the Zipped file as a ZIP file or would uudecode
it to 0 bytes.

I tried to download MS Internet Explorer V3.0, but for *some* reason the
NetScape browser would lock up every time I tried it, gee.....Got a copy of
IE 3.0 on floppies from WA6LBY, installed it, received an email update from
Tree and -lo and behold- the file was recognized in a click and I unzipped
the new files straight into C:\TR.  Beware NetCom/NetScape V2.5.

Randy Powell

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