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[TRLog] Field Day CW and class D point counting

Subject: [TRLog] Field Day CW and class D point counting
From: (Tree N6TR)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:32:34 -0700 (PDT)
>      1)  all CW contacts were only scored with 1 point.  The FD rules 
> indicate that there are 2 points per CW and/or digital contact.  I 
> looked at the Pascal file and it showed that the default scoring 
> mechanism was a single point for CW or phone.  I suggest that this be 
> changed for next year.  

Well - depending on your power - it might really be more.  Do the
calculation on the summary sheet - the same place you put the other
bonus points.

> For this year, is there any way to recompute the data that has already 
> been logged?  Can I add a "2 points CW 1 point phone" command after the 
> contest statement in LOGCFG.DAT now and have the program recount all the 
> contacts as 2 points?

For FD, you only send in the dupe sheets as I remember - so why bother?

>      2)  1 point was given to stations with a class of 1D, 2D, 3D, etc. 
> My understanding was that a class A station can work a class D station, 
> but they don't get any points for it.  Is there any way to enter the 
> class of my station and let TR invalidate contacts with "D" class 
> stations?

There isn't any class checking currently in the program - TR doesn't
know what class you are in.  Perhaps I will add this for next year.

> I suppose that I can manually edit the log and assign 0 points to them.


>      3)  Is there any way to designate a contact as "digital" in TRLOG.  
> I made a few RTTY contacts and had to log them as CW with a note 
> afterwards to remind me that they were really digital.

Yes - the last few versions had this - use Alt-M to get there - or just
edit the log and replace "CW " with "DIG".

> The SSB station was running CT and I noticed that their display of 
> sections was arranged differently.  It had 11 vertical columns and in 
> each column the ARRL sections associated with that call region were 
> listed vertically in alphabetical order.  This was very handy and it 
> gave me a quick summary of which areas of the country I needed to 
> concentrate on.  I realize that with the vanity program (and people who 
> travel to another location for the contest), the number in the callsign 
> doesn't always match the section.

CT has different dimensions for some of the windows.  Since TR's windows
don't overlap, their size is very critical.  I can't do this type of
display without overlapping with some other information.  I would rather
keep all the information up there so you can see it all the time.  

> Thanks for a great product.  I think a converted a few CT users to TR 
> during the event.  They liked the user interface and the CW capabilities 
> they thought were better than CT's.



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