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[TRLog] Field Day CW and class D point counting

Subject: [TRLog] Field Day CW and class D point counting
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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:05:17 -0500
Field Day, my favorite subject...

>>      2)  1 point was given to stations with a class of 1D, 2D, 3D, etc. 
>> My understanding was that a class A station can work a class D station, 
>> but they don't get any points for it.  Is there any way to enter the 
>> class of my station and let TR invalidate contacts with "D" class 
>> stations?
>There isn't any class checking currently in the program - TR doesn't
>know what class you are in.  Perhaps I will add this for next year.


it says:

"Class D stations may count contacts only with Class A, B, C and E Field
Day groups for points."

I believe you are confused and thought this rule worked sort of 'the other
way around.'  Class As can count QSOs with any other class; it is only
Class Ds who cannot cound Qs with other Class Ds.

As to making the program properly handle the point values, I say leave it
alone, but only because Tree probably has a lot of more important things to
take care of...please don't be offended, but you gotta add all that stuff
up separately and figure your score on the summary sheet, so what is
technically in LOG.DAT just doesn't matter.  The program DOES tell you how
many QSOs are on what mode.

And I am the most anal-retentive person MOST people know!


Mark - N5OT

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