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[TRLog] File in one directory

Subject: [TRLog] File in one directory
From: (Bob Lanning)
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 20:33:44 -0800
Sounds good to me.

Regarding the need for several TRMASTER.DTA files, one for different
contests, could still be accomodated.  When TR starts up, it looks for
.DTA as the database.  Then the user can name the TRMASTER.DTA to be
CQCW.DTA or SPRINT.DTA for the different customized DTAs.  All TR has to
do is look for the DTA suffix in the directory and ask the user which
one to use.  That is Tree's proposed approach with the other files.
Again, TR looks for certain sufixed files it needs.  The user should try
to use a standard naming convention for the prefix portion to simply his

Lotus's Approach database application is similar.  When the user clicks
on OPEN, a lists of databases is displayed.  Only one type file is shown
but there are several type files in the director associated with the
database.  All the user has to think about is the database name e.g.
NAMES.APR  All the other are then known as associated with the
main file.

I think your on the right track.



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