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[TRLog] TR and Laptop

Subject: [TRLog] TR and Laptop
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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:29:10 +0000

Okay, my turn to ask for some help. I've been using TR successfully mostly on 
desktop systems. I have a (dinosaur) 386SX DOS based laptop that it works fine 

I recently acquired a Winbook XP laptop which is a 486 with Win95. There is a 
PCMCIA card (IRQ12) and a PS2 mouse (IRQ 11). No CD ROM.

TR works in all respects except the sending of CW. I have TR configured to key
LPT 1, but I have tried COM 1, also. Pressing the function keys sends
correctly, but whenever I have a callsign in the call window and I hit <ENTER>
the program sends a long dash followed by a shorter dash, then all the
characters after the first character. For example, I hit F1, the CQ message is
sent. I type in N6TR and hit <ENTER>, daaaaaaaaaaaash  daaaaash 6TR is sent.

I've tried both a DOS window and booting straight to DOS. Oddly enough, in the 
DOS window, it is less of a problem; just an extended dash for the first 
character, but still not good enough for on-the-air use. 

I have this machine configured to not boot to GUI, which I think is the
equivalent of booting straight to DOS, but in any event, I've done both. Does
it each way.

Any ideas? This is ruining my dream of operating SS from my mobile while my 
station is in storage waiting for my move South.


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