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[TRLog] screen size problem

Subject: [TRLog] screen size problem
From: (Al Gritzmacher)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 19:41:50 -0500
At 09:03 AM 11/20/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>New user of TR here.  Have v.6.32 just 2 weeks and am just getting it
>>running.  Perhaps someone can shed some light on this 'problem'...I want
>>to use the Band Map, so have band map enabled in logcfg.dat.  When I do
>>this, the display, usually filling the screen, shrinks down to about
>>2/3s the size of the normal display.  I'm running from DOS, shelled out
>>from win 95.  If I disable band map, screen display returns to full
>>size.  Any ideas?
>>steve, k8wk
>I've been waiting for Tree to come back and say it's supposed to do that ...
>I saw the same thing: first use of TR-Log, getting ready for CW-SS to start
>in about an hour, and as I was messing around with the program the screen
>suddenly shrunk to half size.  I also figured out that it was caused by
>enabling the band map and turned the feature back off.
>The changed screen appeared to the 43 line text screen as opposed to the
>usual 25 line screen.  I think this mode first became avaliable with EGA.  I
>assumed the program needed to do that to create space for the band map.  Is
>that right, users?
>I was running plain DOS, 6 point something, not out of windows.
>TR-Log is fantastic.  One of the best programs I've ever seen.  After
>finding it, I abandoned my own project to write a logging program.  (Whew,
>thank goodness!)
>Nick, WA5BDU  001A 62 AR

Yes, that's how it works. Once you start getting the band map filled up,
you'll see how it works - upper 2/3 for the logging, the bottom third is the
band map. The visible dupe sheet can work the same way.



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