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[TRLog] Manual 6.32

Subject: [TRLog] Manual 6.32
From: (Mark Frilseth)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 20:08:42 -0600
Well... I just hit the TR Log web site... It's not available as of yet in PDF

Mark Frilseth

I just purchased the program off the web yesterday. Just waiting for it to show
up in my E-Mail box now.....


"D. R. Evans" wrote:

> I have uploaded a new version of the manual, synchronised to TR version
> 6.32.
> Because the PDF file is so large (it's generated with options set to
> "maximum portability") I've also included a ZIPped version of the same
> file. I expect that George will make both versions available on the TR home
> page as soon as he has the time to do so.
> As before, this is very much an interim manual; a work-in-progress. Please
> do not tell me about formatting errors, weird font changes, etc. because
> I'll be getting to those later (unless the manual simply doesn't print
> properly! I want to know if that happens!).
> But I'd be interested in any factual errors in the manual. I'm hoping that
> I'll be synchronised with the current release of TR in the next ten days or
> so, and after that I'll start fixing the errors.
> This would probably also be a good time for people to let me know if they'd
> like to see any new sections or expansions to the current sections. I have
> my own ideas about this, but I'd be interested in other people's thoughts
> and comments.
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