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[TRLog] Ack more

Subject: [TRLog] Ack more
From: (Kenneth E. Harker)
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 12:56:52 -0500
     Another thing, the Cabrillo log contest name is wrong.  In LOGCFG.DAT,
I have "CONTEST = ARRL VHF QSO"  In the Cabrillo file, I get 
"CONTEST: ARRL-VHF-JUN"  Clearly, the Cabrillo code is defaulting to 
the June VHF QSO Party because it doesn't have a way to tell which of the 
ARRL VHF contests I operated (they all use the same rules, and are the same 
CONTEST type in LOGCFG.DAT.)  Maybe the Cabrillo code can look at the log 
file QSO dates and make the right choice?

     I bring this up on the reflector in case anyone else operated the Sept.
VHF contest - we should probably fix this in a text editor this time around
before we submit:


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