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[TRLog] Adif File.

Subject: [TRLog] Adif File.
From: (Jim - KK7A)
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 00:13:31 -0600
Here is what you need.

        73, Jim - KK7A


I've uploaded the latest version of LogConv (v1.60) to  You
can download it from:


Note that I have only released the Windows (GUI and commandline
versions) port of LogConv.  I'll work on the DOS port as part of the
next minor release (v1.61).  From now on there will be a separate
download file for DOS, Windows and Linux.  All of the files will still
contain the same source code.

Here are the features included in the new release:

Version 1.60: 1/22/2000
- Added initial Cabrillo file output capability.
- Support added for Y2K years in TR Log input files.
- Added support for MS Visual C++.  Pre-built Windows utilities are now
  built using Visual C++ 6.0.

As always, send me your comments and/or suggestions.  I'll try to get
features implemented as I can between work and sleep!  :-)


Robert KA5WSS

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On 09/12/2000 at 1:05 AM A.Barbetta,Jr. wrote:

>How can you make an adif file from Tr Log ?
>  So the log can be imported into your logbook ...
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