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[TRLog] Toshiba laptop help

Subject: [TRLog] Toshiba laptop help
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:28:09 -0500


Sometimes, there's an alt- command you have to alt-f9 or
something.  you might experiment.

An alternative might be to power down the laptop, plug in the db9 (Are you
sure it's a DB9 and not a DB15 (three rows of pin locations, not all
filled)?), then power up the laptop.  Some of the laptops recognize the
presence of a connected device only on power-up.

I would check around some of your local ham-buddy business management types
and see if they have access to a portable video projector.  There are lots
of them out there in the business world that weigh about 10 lbs and are
easily setup.  Can't beat a clean, bright, sharp image that is 8' diagonal.
Beats a bunch of people straining to see something on a monitor.

dale, kg5u

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> Behalf Of William Hendrick
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> Subject: [TRLog] Toshiba laptop help
> I'm doing a TR demo at a local club meeting using a Toshiba
> T4400SX laptop.
> Does anybody know how to configure it for external monitor
> output? I has a 9
> pin port but just connecting a monitor doesn't work.
> Bill, N0AC

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