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Subject: [TRLog] EX MENU
From: (Clive Whelan)
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 17:42:48 +0100
 Tree N6TR wrote:
> I don't see this as a problem - because if you are going to assign
> new values that overwrite the defaults for the specific contest, they
> are probably also specific to the contest, and should be in the 
> LOGCFG.DAT file.

I sent a private reply to Tree on this which bounced from his 

I have to say that I do not agree with the above. The values in my 
stdcfg.dat file are global for the most part, and I do *not* want them 
overwritten by some unseen file specific to a contest, which may not be 
my flavour in fact. I now realise that my difficulties originated when 
I abandoned the INPUT CONFIG FILE statement in favour of stdcfg.dat 
which seemed  like a good idea at the time, but now does not!

> Finally, it turns out that spaces are not required around the 
> equal signs (although I still like for them to be there to make
> things easier to read).  EX MENU=xxx works the same as EX MENU = xxx.

Not for me it doesn't!, works for CQ MENU, but I restate that in 6.56 
at least, it does *not* work for EX MENU, unless this is also some 
weirdness of "hidden" files overwriting.



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