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[TRLog] Band QSYs when tuning too fast

Subject: [TRLog] Band QSYs when tuning too fast
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 08:30:16 -0600
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On 25 Aug 01, at 1:54, Jim Smith wrote:

> Hi Doc,
> Re new manual.
> Would it be possible to produce a collection of just the pages
> where stuff has changed?  The idea being that one could print just
> the changes and stick them in the existing manual.  

This gets suggested every time a do a new version, but I've never been able 
to come up with a good scheme for doing it in a way that leaves me very 

The best I can think of is just to keep a manual (!) track of places where 
I made changes, and distribute that along with the manual.

I can't do that with the next version, because I've already made a bunch of 
changes and haven't kept track of the pages where I have done so. But I can 
try to remember to do it for future versions.

FWIW, my own solution to this is simply to print out the manual only once a 
year, just before CQWW CW. Then I sit down and re-read all of Appendix A, 
just in case there's anything new that I'd like to try in my config file.

  Doc  N7DR

PS FWIW, I've never had much luck with change bars, but I could try to 
experiment some more when I get some time.

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