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[TRLog] Sending hex commands to a Yaesu Mark 5

Subject: [TRLog] Sending hex commands to a Yaesu Mark 5
From: (Jim Smith)
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 11:28:03 -0700
Hi Pete et al,

I am and it works FB.  I run TR in a Win98 DOSbox.  Never tried it with 
straight DOS.  I have developed a method of simulating SO2R with TR and 
one MkV.  I call it SO1.5R.  Got it going a year ago but only recently 
completed the documentation.  It includes a thorough (exhaustive?) 
discussion on several methods of programming the TR Function Keys to 
send hex codes to the rig.  It's very long so will e-mail it direct to 
you (and you too, Ron).  I sent a copy to Tree for possible publication 
on the TR site but he's probably been too busy to look at it.  (The 
documentation is 15 printed pages.)

If anyone else wants this I would prefer that you wait until it is 
posted on the TR site and download it from there.  If Tree decides not 
to post it, I'll find another home for it.  In any event, I'll announce 
its location on the TR and 1000MP reflectors.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Pete Smith wrote:

> Is anyone out there successfully sending hex commands from TR Log 
> function keys to a Mark 5?  

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