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[TRLog] Sending hex commands to a Yaesu Mark 5

Subject: [TRLog] Sending hex commands to a Yaesu Mark 5
From: (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 16:14:44 -0400

The file contains all the communications to the radios for both ports. So 
comment out your Kenwood (for now) and run your "every" case again for me. 

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> Ahah!  Yes, my second radio is a TS-930, with the PIEXX serial port.  I 
> have it configured as a TS-850.  I'm enclosing my n4zrcfg.dat file, which 
> is what I've been using since before the days of stdcfg.dat.  The  Kenwood 
> is radio 1, and the Yaesu radio 2.  I had noticed those IF; commands, and 
> just figured they were the alphanumeric translation of some of the hex 
> being sent!
> Maybe this is it....

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