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[Trlog] TRLog v6.72 and Icom 735

Subject: [Trlog] TRLog v6.72 and Icom 735
From: William.Akins at (Akins, William)
Date: Tue May 6 09:54:10 2003
I've tried about everything I could think of: transceiver off, transceiver
on, lengthening "icom response time out" and "poll" rates, baud rates, radio
address, radio type, etc. etc., all to no avail.

I seem to be able to get commands "to" the radio from TRLog, the problem is
in reading the data back "from" the radio into TRLog when I tune the radio
or change modes on the radio, and of course sending cw from the parallel
port to the radio does not work either.


Bill, W1LEE
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